New 450D owner looking for

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New 450D owner looking for

I've been using consumer digicams for a long time (640x480 was hot!) and have just purchased a 450D as my first "real" digital camera ... so I'm very new here.

I bought the body only and ordered the 50mm f/1.4 EF (USM) at the same time, then a couple weeks later added the 55-250 IS. No problem so far.

Also picked up a circular polarizer and UV/Haze filter, so I have no other immediate plans for basic filters.

I also already have tripod / monopod / camera bags / lens pens, etc., from previous cameras.

Now Reading images w/a card reader, no I/F or USB cable needed.

Got 2x 4G HDSC Delkin cards to start

Before bigger purchases of lenses and flashes, I have a wide open accessories question: If you had an extra $100 or $200, for this camera, where would you put it? Here's some stuff I DON'T have ... (Yeah, yeah, "buy a good book ...")

Lens hoods.

LCD protection.

Remote release (just RC1)

Gray card or white balance assist devices

Battery pack grip / vertical shutter release

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Flash options:

I'd like an external flash at some point, but what are my choices, and what are the consequences?

Is the Canon 430EX the only way to go, or does the Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II represent an intelligent value?

It is hard for me to make an informed decision without knowing the extent to which image quality will suffer with a cheaper unit.

Skilled photographers can get better shots based on skill and technique than I could with better equipment, so maybe I need to spend more just because of my skill level?

Finally: Any thoughts on next lenses? Any short zooms offer more than the basic kit lens?

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