Fix blown skin highs tutorial

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A two-layer fix

1. Open the Info palette. Choose the eye dropper and pass it over the image to find one of the brightest spots -- 255.255.255, or close to that, as shown on the Info palette. Drop a sample point (Shift-click) to mark the spot.

2. Open a selective color adjustment layer. Set “method” to absolute. In the whites channel, increase black levels while monitoring the RGB levels of the sample point in the Info palette. Reduce the original sampled levels to approximately 225-230. No need to be precise here. You’ll see why in a moment.

3.Close the dialog box and invert the selective color mask (Ctrl-I). Then paint with white using a soft brush to darken the blown highlights. The highlights you set out to remove are the ones you could see -- so use your eyes to paint them out.

4. Open a blank layer, change blend mode to color, and Alt-drag the mask from the selective color layer onto the blank layer. Now you have the same mask on both layers. Sample skin color adjacent to the blown area and fill (or paint) the color layer with that hue.

If needed, you can now go back and adjust the selective color layer. Open the whites channel and adjust the black levels. I often find that slightly lowering the black levels from the initial setting (slightly brightening the blown area) gives a more realistic result.

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