Adaptors for old lenses for the G1?

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Re: Adaptors for old lenses for the G1?

You can already get a Leica M to micro 4/3rds adapter.

Adapters for other mounts are hotly discussed among people who like to use older cameras, for example the older manual focus Canon FD mount, Pentax, etc. etc. Several pictures have surfaced, raken with a G1 and all sorts of weird old lenses, for example the legendary Canon 50mm f0,95.

If EOS glass will work I don't know... as a Nikon user I know that 'G' lenses won't work because there is no aperture ring. Lenses with ring will work.

Metering will work with older lenses, auto focus obviously will not. But manual focus in the G1 works better than with any camera I have ever used.

The way I see it, the G1 won't replace my Nikon F or Leica M systems, and there is still a 2x crop factor (making a 50mm a 100mm). But it sure is nice to be able to use my other stuff on the G1. No, I don't have one yet, but when the HD video version comes out, I'll be first in line.

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