Need best web-based photo options ?

Started Jan 2, 2009 | Discussions thread
windyrum Regular Member • Posts: 111
from what I've learned thus far...

Picasa is not the most friendly program for a mac user at the moment (current version does not work for mac without an outside utility), but I'm intrigued and think that down the road Google will have provided a high-value, excellent and well thought out product, as they've done with Google Docs, Earth, gmail, etc. However, for my purposes, I'm more inclined to use a program that a) works intuitively with a mac, and b) satisfies my needs for i) sharing and ii) my limited patience for learning curves.

Consider what post-processing software you use - programs like Lightroom have plug-ins that will help you export straight to Flickr. Aperture and iPhoto clearly work well with MobileMe.

For what it's worth, my philosophy is to maintain as uninterrupted a workflow as possible, and this includes the publishing aspect of finished photos - what's the path of least resistance from post-process to published, and after that, what online gallery will provide me the greatest leverage and utility (ie: sharing, storage amount, downloading/printing, copyright protection, etc).

I'd like to know what you eventually choose to do, so make sure you let us know when you've made up your mind.


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