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Re: Deluxe Waist Belt still poses a problem

AmitC wrote:


Thanks for the tip on using the shoulder strap with the Light Waist
Belt -- works like a charm. But I still don't see how to attach the
75 AW to the back part of the Deluxe WB without the top hanging way
off the back of the belt (notice that the 75 AW's mesh connector is
on the bottom 2/3 of the Toploader rather than the top 2/3, which
would have made more sense). I don't think the Shoulder Harness
solves this particular problem; a loaded Toploader 75 AW will always
lean outward rather than stand straight against the Deluxe WB.

Yes, I don't recommend using the Toploader 75 AW with either belt WITHOUT the shoulder strap to stabilize it.

The shoulder strap obviously attaches to the D rings on the Toploader. The shoulder harness should also be attached to the D rings on the Toploader. Yes, like you, for the Deluxe Waist Belt, I did find that the shoulder harness doesn't work well for me since the Toploader does lead outward - the Toploader sat more comfortably and more close to my body with the shoulder strap, even with the Toploader squarely positioned in the middle of my back.

The shoulder harness is not padded, while the shoulder strap is wide, long, and padded.

With the shoulder strap, you can rotate the Toploader in front of your body, and maybe even prop your elbows on it for some shooting positions.

The shoulder strap with Light Waist Belt is a great combination, especially since the Light Waist Belt is small enough to be conveniently tucked into a pocket.

The shoulder strap with the Deluxe Waist Belt is a great combination, especially since it adds comfort for heavy loads and/or long sessions.

So my conclusion is that the shoulder strap is a must with the Toploader, with either belt, and it makes the shoulder harness unnecessary unless you want the option of not using the Toploader.

For more comfortable load distribution, remember to move lens cases and as much load as possible off-of/out-of the Toploader and onto the belt.

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