D300 built-in flash, Part 1: Blinding speed

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Detector Range


Thanks for sharing your results, which are a nice addition to the information on this thread.

David314 wrote:

no it wasn't clipped by the measurement - it was turned off by the
flash unit

Clipping refers to the vertical axis, i.e., the signal amplitude. Any real-world device has an amplitude limit, and clipping results when a signal attempts to exceed that limit. The amplitude limit of your detector is 1.6V, and if a signal approaches that level, it won't be represented accurately.

In order to obtain waveform fidelity, all you need to do is move your detector back from the flash a bit, and compensate by increasing the scope's vertical sensitivity. Here is an example of an over-driven detector, and restoring waveform fidelity by reducing the light input:

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