Consistent focus problem with D50

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Consistent focus problem with D50

Perhaps it not the camera but my technique but I often get out of focus pictures of people. The focus is all too often on objects behind the people or on closer shots, on somthing other than their eyes.

My technique is to focus lock on the face or eyes by pressing the the shutter release half way and holding, then I recompose and push the shutter releas all the way. The results are often out of focus. Even in cases where I don't recompose and I verify the focus point in Capture NX, the focus is often still off.

I would say this happens about 60% of the time and it is very frustrating.

Several questions:
1. Is this problem called "back focusing"?
2. What is/are the cause or causes?
3. Would a better autofocus systems such as that of the D300 help?

4. Could there be a problem with the AF assist lamp - I notice that it doesn't always activate in low light ( I am not sure why.)

Other info:
1. This happens will all lenses, with or without flash.
2. I generally shoot in aperture priority mode.

Any help appreciated.


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