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Re: Who's on first?

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Conrad Birdie wrote:

Perhaps this then.

You can take a lifetime to build a trusting relationship, which can
be torn down in less than a minute with one lie.

A well-known platitude ... yet true.

And where relationships matter a great deal, it is very good advice.
But this is an internet forum, meant primarily as a vehicle for
exchanging information. If you are mistaking it for a family, you
might want to step back a moment and ponder a bit.

I have never mistaken that for a moment. In fact, quite the opposite. This is a place where respect does not exist. 15 year olds are free to talk to 60 year olds as if they were equal because they have no idea of who they are talking too. The only way you can tell their youth is through their words, which is usually quite easy to spot.

And when did I lie by the way? Was that an un-subtle dig of some
sort? Because otherwise nothing in there is relevant at all ...

As you stated, it is a well know platitude. The reference to a lie is self contained in the platitude. It does not mean you told a lie, it is an EXAMPLE, but has some validity to it. Try looking at it another way. You have taken 3 years of your life to build a reputation of knowledge and help, and that reputation of help can be destroyed in one instance of rude behavior. You only get one chance to make a first impression, remember that one? And obviously you failed with AIG. A more polite approach would better have served your 3 years of history. Never forget that 100's of new members join this website each week, and you must continue to exhibit the same help and courtesy to each member, regardless of your years of service. A 10 year employee does not have the right to verbally abuse a new employee just because they have more knowledge and time served.

As I mentioned, I do not know you from Adam, nor did I claim to know
any of your posting history, but my point was very simple in the fact
that you are the one looking bad here. It is now obvious that you
don't care.

You misunderstand ... you have jumped into the middle of a dynamic
with which you have admitted no familiarity. You chastise me in a
patronizing way, yet with no willingness to become familiar with the
players in this drama or its history. Now you tell me how bad it
makes me look to not be interested in being patronized.

Just consider me that new member to which your first impression was not good then. (Yet I have been here longer than you). My point was again very simple, to let you know that as an outsider, you were the one looking out of line. It is up to you to accept that or not. It simply meant, I had NOT alternative motive with you in the past, so my opinion should have been unbiased to you. But obviously not in your eyes. As you stated, I can only be honest and straightforward, whether you accept that or not is not within my control.

So yes, I don't care for "advice" from someone who is totally
unfamiliar with that on which he is advising and expresses no
willingness to gain that familiarity.

Do I need to read everyone of your posts to understand that you are a helpful member? Lets say I took the time to do just that, and found out that indeed you are just that person. That would only tend to give reason to my statements that you took a lifetime to build a trusting relationship with most members, but yet you were willing to sacrifice those years in being rude to ONE new member, (AIG). That is my point.

Finally, as I stated earlier, this thread will soon be over with, and perhaps that is best.

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