G10 in capable hands II..

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Re: G10 in capable hands II..

I always shoot in color. BW out of cameras, except for film, never look right to me. I'm not just speaking of the G10 here. Digital BW out of camera seems to be missing some tones and has "incorrect contrast" to my eyes.

My use of filters is in computer. I apply red/green filters after conversion to BW. It's really quite simple in Aperture. I just turn on red and green BW filters. But this only works if the photo was shot in color to begin with. I don't have a clue how to do this in other photo programs but I'm sure its just as easy. I would like to try a Lensmate setup or something similar

One major note here though - I am NO expert. I shoot what pleases my eyes and try to make the final photo look like what I remember.

The title of this thread is flattering but might read better as "Guy gets a G10 and captures a few nice shots". I'm pleased that a few of you enjoy the pictures and are interested in bettering your own. I highly appreciate constructive criticism. I too am always looking for ways to improve.

Happy shooting.

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