UPS lost my $9500 order from B&H!

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Re: I finally got my order!!!

Glad you got your order!

I know weather can cause sever problems.

I have a good customer in that area that had sever problems due to the weather.

Enjoy your camera system and I hope 2009 brings you lots of new customers.


I and Thou wrote:

Finally after much haggling with ups I was able to pick up my new
gear. It had been sitting in their warehouse for the last five days
in an inaccessable place. Luckily they finally were able to get to it
because the next day I had to drive from Seattle to LA. I'm sorry
that I didn't update this sooner, but i have been without real
internetl access. Right now I am typing on my iPhone. I'll have to
post some images made with the 45 pcs after I get home.

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