Converting to Black and White?

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Re: Converting to Black and White?

Although, now that I think about it maybe it is meant to be confusing?

Mike Smith

mike smith wrote:
I checked out the link myself and it is a bit confusing however
they are not comparing the top image to the bottom, on the right
hand side ( those are both tri-x images ) but rather the top left
image is standard photo shop conversion compared to tri-x on the
right and the bottom left is the silver oxide tri-x filter compared
to the tri-x on the bottom right. So it is legit, however, my
opinion not that impressive.

Mike Smith

David_S85 wrote:
I would not trust the site you just posted. Actually I posted it
too, then I took a second look.

Check out the pic that says its the 'Actual Tri-X image...' and
then the 'Compare SilverOxide Tri-X to the actual Tri-X image
above...' They look the same, don't they? There's a good reason
they look the same. Right click the images, and look at
'properties'. They are the same picture. Surprise!!! They cheated!

  • David

Dan Seely wrote:
Check out this site for Photoshop filters ...


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