EOS 40D Hack?

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Re: EOS 40D Hack?

balloonchasers wrote:

Have never seen any proven hacks for any of the EOS series of Canon
Cameras except for the original Rebel (300D).
Your camera is great as it is. CHDK is for point & shoot cameras, if
that is what you want then maybe you should consider that option?

at least it made my "point & shoot" Canon the best camera I ever had and I am looking for some improvements now for my new 50D. Thats how google brought me here

There is one good reference in this thread to the "work in progress" at the CHDK-Forum. So there is something to come soon - for sure.

Well, "great as it is"?! The hardware IS great. Thats the reason I bought a canon. The second reason is the prospect of have the CHDK soon!
Since the canon software is some kind of annoying!

In fact there are great features - but what about the small ones?! There is a selftimer of 2 seconds or 10 secondes.... For a programmer it makes no difference to bring up a feature to select the time in 1 sec steps... (oh, maybe it is because they want to sell that expensive remote? thats impudent)

Same with the bracketing! Fixed to 3 pictures! This really incredible! WHY?? My little "point & shoot"-A650 with CHDK can do as many as I want. ISO-Bracketing?
big table of defaults for sleepmode timeout... Why not 1 seconds steps?

"hack" is a bad word and sounds some kind of "illegal" to lot of people.

But in this case we just add a little extension - for example like a homebrew remote shutter release (and nobody would bring that in context with something illegal
I am really looking forward to EOS CHDK now.

And maybe Canon will help the guys in future and release more information?! They would sell a shitload of cameras!

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