All Design Roads Lead to the FZ50

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Re: All design roads lead to the LX3 and G1 developments

The small sensor is paramount to the success of a bridge camera. Sensor size is linked to lens size by defined laws of physics. The Sony R1 had a bigger sensor and therfore less lens range. The very instant you do this you come into range of a DSLR with a single lens attached. No contest, ergo no R2.

By creating and maintaining a camera that requires more than one DLSR lens to match it you have something different to present to the market place. Working backwards this means starting with a wide range lens at a manageable size, maxing out the sensor size to use that lens, then boxing it up in an SLR style control package. This basically gets you the Fuji bridges. Add a bit more zoom and fixed length lens and you arrive at the FZ50. All physics.

Extension of the FZ50 range stumbled because small sensor development lagged behind biefly at a time when budget DSLR's stormed the market place. Photography magazines show little else at the moment do they. Everyone connected to the industry are loving this budget DSLR phase; it's money all round. Now the LX3 has popped its head up thinking caps can go back on again. If photo quality clearly acceptable to many can be presented in a bridge requiring two DSLR lenses to match, then you might be in business. Might becomes certainly when you consider that Panasonic have the fixed length Leica lens to play with. No one can question its pedigree, and with the LX3 covering its six with its wide angle capacity, there's no need to mess with it.

As laws of physics go the FZ50 is about where it's at single lens wise. It is sitting where sensor development for its size has just entered the big time with the LX3. With Panasonic hearing so many accolades for finally designing for the photographer with the LX3, someone in the company simply has to be holding an FZ50 in one hand and an LX3 sensor in the other. Muse and ponder all you like Panasonic, it's a winner.

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