d80 or d90

Started Dec 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: d80 or d90

Hi Jers,

I just bought a D90 to upgrade from my D40x and in my opinion get the D90. There is a difference in the image quality and a big difference in the Hi ISO. For get the Video features it's just to soon for a major selling point, the real selling point for me was the picture quality and focus speed. I have been able to push past the limits of the D40x.

Just bare in mind that you will be with luck hanging on to this camera for a while so why purchase a D80 (which if the D90 hadn't have come out I would have got) when there is a for advanced body out. The only reason would be price , if thats the case get what you can afford but you will be on a winner which ever way you go.

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