Portable Hard Drive Recommendation?

Started Dec 13, 2008 | Discussions thread
James C. Murray Senior Member • Posts: 2,040
Re: Portable Hard Drive Recommendation?
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Thank you gents. Looks like the FW800 is a good compromise. As a matter of interest I had occasion to clone my entire HD to an external as I had to partition it to GUID. (This had not been done at installation).

It took about three hours using an E-SATA connection via an express card. For some reason I had to transfer the contents back using USBII and it took around 10 hours overnight.

The drawback to using the drive via E-SATA is that the enclosure must be powered from the main supply. Fine for a fixed installation but if portability of the external drive is wanted then it looks like FW800 will work fine.

Just hope that S. Jobs does not announce the end of FW800 next week, as he did with 400 on the latest MacBooks !!!!!

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