2009: Let's push for BETTER change!

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2009: Let's push for BETTER change!

I don't know about you, but the megapixel wars have gone far enough in my opinion. DX is just fine at 12 MP, and then FX has it's two-edge sword; 12 MP for the PJ / sports shooters who need 9 FPS, and 24 MP for the studio landscape shooters who are going to be at ISO 100 all day long anyways.

Suffice it to say, I as a Nikon user COULD NOT BE HAPPIER with Nikon's lineup as far as megapixels, ISO performance, and FPS etc. are concerned. (Major bonus points for Nikon's MB-D10, boosting both the D300 and D700 to 8 FPS!) Build quality in general, and performance / speed, are awesome. Shutter lag etc. on the D300 is phenomenal. Maybe we could stand to have full-speed 14-bit capture in future generations, I'll concede.

But anyways, if we have near-ultimate cameras already in 2008, what on earth could get us to buy ANOTHER Nikon DSLR in 2009? Especially with a global recession?

Aside from tossing the D3X sensor in a D700 and calling it the D700X for the go-light Galen Rowell types, what do we REALLY need in Nikon's next lineup of cameras?

I've seen many threads on this recently and I'm shocked that for the most part nobody has addressed what I think are the biggest needs. Bicker all you want about an extra 2-4 megapixels, but please don't do that here. 12 verus 15 on DX for example, well, that couldn't be a more useless debate in my opinion. So this topic is not for tons of people to reply "more MP / DR (nt)"... I want to discuss a number of things that I think are serious issues or potentially major upgrade points...

Sadly, however, these are also "lofty goals" that in reality I am afraid Nikon won't address for quite some time, if ever. But here goes nothing:

1.) That truly laughable grip rubber. I have not owned or rented a Nikon pro / semi-pro DSLR that did not have at least one grip rubber coming loose or completely missing. When you see rental departments checking out cameras w/o rubber on the CF door and not caring cuz it just falls right off no matter what you do, you know the situation is BAD. The scariest part is, Nikon hasn't shown any signs of change; we're almost a decade into this style grip rubber and my D300 rubber still falls off every 6 months like clockwork. ALL THREE pieces of it. I know I'm probably harder on my gear than most, and some have owned many Nikon cameras over the years without a single problem. But I also know that I'm NOT ALONE, not at all... This has gone on long enough, Nikon. Fix it.

2.) The D2-series AF point configuration was much more practical or action than the 51-point system we now have... Sure, the 51-point system is blazingly fast in the D3, and I LOVE having my D300's viewfinder totally blanketed in AF points. I don't care to give that up. But Nikon, please please PLEASE spread out the cross-type AF points as soon as you possibly can! Especially in the full-frame bodies where the points are so central. The Canon 1-series bodies 45-point system is much better laid out, even if the interface is abysmal.

3.) And while you're at it, spread out FX's AF points, if at all possible, if only a little. We can't hardly reach the 1/3 composition areas, even. This is one of the drawbacks I face when considering a D700 versus my D300. For fast-action work that I do in theater for example, I really need to have as much spread as possible, not just for focus but also for spot-metering.

4.) Down-sized RAW capture, especially for 24 MP+... If this is at all possible without the banding that we might be seeing in the 5D2's sRAW1, then Nikon should implement this asap. If Nikon decides to go past 12 MP with DX or past 24 MP with FX, and doesn't implement this, I guess I'm done buying new Nikons.

5.) I know it's highly un-likely since the D3 / D3X have to differentiate in SOME way, but I'd be ecstatic if Nikon could put dual card slots in the D700X. That feature alone would be worth an extra $500-$1000 to me...

Hmm, anything else? Not that I can think of at the moment. I'll reply immediately with some smaller, minor control / feature items that I have brainstormed over the years...

What do others think? Do you even consider these issues when thinking about what you'd want in a new Nikon? (especially the major points, not the minor stuff to follow...)

I fear that most people don't really make that much noise about these things, and that is part of the reason that issues never get resolved, and makers keep on blindly moving forward with more megapixels and other stuff. Well, I'm gonna do my best to speak out. You may not agree with my exact points, but if you do have an issue, you should speak out too. I don't want to get into a debate about whether or not Nikon reads these forums, because even if they don't then I'll try my hardest to join NPS and give my feedback through the REAL methods...


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Cameras capable of making great photographs have become commonplace these days, but photographers have not. While technical innovations have made photography ever easier in recent decades, the art of producing images that other people will care about has become even more formidable. - Galen Rowell

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