The latest bad-boys from Epson any good?

Started Dec 29, 2008 | Discussions thread
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WBirch Senior Member • Posts: 2,836
The latest bad-boys from Epson any good?

Questions for the users of the latest Stylus Pro 9900 and 7900 printers.

I see that they are basically rebating the hell out of the previous 9880 and
7880 models to clear old stock.

Who's happy with Stylus Pro 9900 or 7900???
Seems like great printers with the new options of including Photo and
Matte main blacks without the expensive ink-swap of some recent Pro printers?

Are the 150-350-700 ML cart options good? Hows the new ink formulation
over the K3 stuff? Is Orange and Green ink worth the intrusion to now
make it 11 inks to order for these printers?? What are you paying for
these new Epson HD inks versus K3? More or less?

Is the new round blade trimmer any better than the previous straight cutter?
(on canvas or heavy paper ie.)

I'm "this close" to lease a 9900 for here alongside my Pro 4800.
I can make use of the 44".

I'd appreciate any actual users opinions of the 9900 or 7900.



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