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retlash wrote:

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I have an XD11 I bought back in 1980, along with a few lenses. Is
there any way I can use these lenses on a digital SLR camera. Adaptor
rings? These lenses are, of course, not auto focus. Does that make a
difference? Hope someone can help me out here. If not, I reckon that
I'll have to sell the XD11, although that would almost break my heart.

Hello retlash!

Without the use of an adaptor it is not possible to mount manual-focus Minolta MC/MD lenses to an auto-focus Minolta film SLR camera / Minolta/Sony DSLR. Minolta made an adaptor called 2x M/A converter-S for MC/MD lenses with a focal length of 300mm or shorter, and a 2x M/A converter-L for MC/MD lenses with a focal length of 300mm or longer. By using this adaptor you will be able to mount your MC/MD lenses to a Sony DSLR. The adaptor will double the focal length of your lenses and "steal" 2 EV from the value of the aperture. Turning a MD 50mm 1,7 into a 100mm 3,4. Or a MD 35-70mm 3,5 into a 70-140mm 7,0. Focusing and metering must be done manually. (On a Minolta film SLR or DSLR camera you can meter by selecting A on the camera body and step down the aperture on the lens, or by selecting M on the camera body and adjust the shutter speed and/or step down the lens according to the light meter. On a Sony DSLR I believe you must meter only by selecting M on the camera body and then adjust the shutter speed and/or step down the lens according to the light meter.) I found some pictures of a "german" adaptor here:

There are third-party adaptors as well, often looking like this:


This adaptor has a built-in lens element to allow infinity focusing. It will increase the focal length of your MC/MD lenses by a factor of 1,1 - 1,2. Focusing and metering in the same manner as the Minolta 2x M/A converter-S/L. I am afraid the optics in this adaptor isen't of the same high quality as the optics in the Minolta adaptor.

Your Minolta XD-11 is an important part of the camera history, worth more than you will fetch if you sell it. If I were you I would keep it.

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