My New Minolta Dimage 7i vs. my new Fuji S602

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Larry Cunningham
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Re: My New Minolta Dimage 7i vs. my new Fuji S602

That explains what I saw through the EVF as I zoomed in and out: The focus distance reported in the readout did indeed change a bit as I zoomed out. I was in a room with not-great-lighting when I tried this, and couldn't really tell by looking through the EVF whether the focus was actually lost in the process (and I didn't actually take any shots at the time).

Thanks for following up on this; once again, this camera appears to be even smarter than claimed by Minolta. I would never have expected the autofocus mechanism to assist when the camera was in manual focus mode.

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Bryan Biggers wrote:
The camera does run the focus motor to try to maintain the focus
level that you set as you zoom in manual mode. As you zoom out
though, the focus position gets "rounded off"; there aren't as many
focus stops at wide angle as at telephoto. So, for example, if you
start at telephoto at 1.6m, then zoom out to wide, you will find
that the camera now reads 2.0m which is the closest focus stop at
wide. Now if you zoom back to full telephoto, the focus will stay
at 2.0m, so a small error has built up. Like most lenses, it is OK
to focus at tele then zoom to wide, but not OK to focus at wide
then zoom to tele because the focus isn't as critical at wide. Bryan

Larry Cunningham wrote:
You may well be right, but based on my fiddling with the camera
last evening, I'm still not sure! With the zoom set to 200mm, I put
the camera in MF mode. I focused on an object about 10 feet away.
Then I zoomed to wide angle and back to 200mm several times, and
listened closely. The camera certainly made noises, but I just
couldn't tell whether I was hearing the focus motor, or hearing the
mechanical sound the lens makes as you zoom it. It certainly didn't
remind me of the sounds the motor makes when it's seeking focus.

Anybody else care to try this and report back?

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