$3k camera has same sensor as $8k camera?

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Teila Day
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Re: Speaking of Teila...

Matt in FL wrote:

precious little new on your PBase site for eons. Do we need to send
you some batteries or what?
Know you dont have any trouble finding models.
Looking to see more or your work. I know, you have left the D2Hs, and
secretly gone to a ???????? Come on come clean.
All the best to you and yours and please, keep shooting and showing.



I just saw this, thus the late response. Sorry.


Noooo, batteries are just fine (actually I'm amazed at how my oldest bats are still performing.)

Most shots still come from a D2hs, D300, film here and there (grrrrrr), and we still use the trusty super long-in-the-tooth D100, which brings me to an important point: Virtually every time the D100 is used, it pays for what it's worth, several times over. This is a perfect example of why I think the whole 18month cycle re-purchase practice, is pure ridiculous. I'm seeing the same trend with the D2hs.. The camera generates more than it's worth several times over- no way in the world will we give either up anytime soon for smaller print sizes and web work.

Today, the D2hs would be considered a horrible low-light performer (chuckle), my, my, how cameras have gotten better!

We rarely post what we shoot on pbase. Either we don't feel what we shoot is appropriate for a general audience, or we don't have permission to post the more interesting subject matter that comes before our lenses. Keep checking us out though

... we have been waiting to pounce on a higher rez. body that will allow us a print quality and versatility that we can live with (20x30 and larger prints). MF is my favorite, aside from the total lens cost, The new D3x is very tempting, but like a cheetah in the grass... we're hell bent on making every pounce count, and I just can't live with a bad purchase decision. Either we need it or we don't - I won't purchase on 'want'.

Film provides a decent temporary fix for large prints, but I'd much rather work with digital.

Thanks for saying 'howdy'

Best of the holidays and the up coming year, to you and your family Matt!



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