W A N T E D: Photos of Christmas tree

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Mike Gerstner Veteran Member • Posts: 4,135
Don't know if this would qualify.........

Cape Porpoise is a fishing village on the southern coast of maine that still has an active working waterfront dominated mostly by fisherman. Most of the land and homes around the area have been bought up by more affluent folks "from away", but the working waterfront has somehow survived.

In the "village square" (basically an intersection) every year they build a "lobster trap" christmas tree, using the old oak traps (modern ones have wire cages) next to the local firestation that attracts some attention and brings some winter tourists into a locale that is pretty dead in the winter.

Kind of a nice tribute to the men and women who make their living from the sea.

The image posted is a little bit of a crop with some wires and a pole cloned out, and the reds massaged a little bit so they appear red, not magenta.



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