Why Panasonic Images Disappoint

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Re: funny, i have a 10D actually...

tasty donuts wrote:

i came across this forum because i'm looking to get a DMC-LX3 as a
more portable alternative. i was hoping the digicams were now at
least as good as my 10D in resolution, dynamic range and low-light
sensitivity, seeing as my 10D is over 5 years old... sadly that is
not the case yet.

that said, the dynamic range on my 10D really pales compared to the
newer DSLR bodies, especially the full-frame ones... i've borrowed a
5D on numerous occasions and it really blows it away in tonal range
(to say nothing of the higher resolution and lower noise). the other
problem with buying a DSLR is the cost and bulk of the lenses... my
10D with Canon 35/1.4L blows away even the best digicams like the
LX3, but with a more mediocre lens (e.g. the cheaper f/2 version) it
would be somewhat closer.

nevertheless, i'm looking to get an LX3 at some point as my
porta-cam, and will probably replace the 10D with a used 5D body
later on... was originally going to save for the new 5D mk2 but for
much less money i can have the 5D and the LX3.

I know, that is why I used that example. It is my silly sense of humour that only I get half the time, the other half even I don't get.
Oll an gwella,

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