Wedding Photographer Prices Going up ????

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Wedding Photographer Prices Going up ????

ok sorry for the bad label but I had an interesting talk with my camera store. Many of the guys that work in the cameras store also do alot of wedding photograpy.

In talking with a few different guys they mentioned the competition of people coming in and buying DSLRs and shooting their friends wedding or just the basic guys with cameras are really seperating the prices in wedding photography.

In our talk i asked the store attendent what the average price is for them to shoot a wedding. He indicated it was 2500.00 base price. Now I was a best man at a wedding this spring and the photographer from a completely different studio charged around 3K for my friends wedding. He was really well known and everybody was asking if the price he charges was really what they had heard.

So in talking with the store attendant he mentioned there are a lot of wantabee photographers doing weddings in the 800-1200 range.

I will give you a range of photographers in my area and what they are charging.

my observations are this

Guy with camera an little experience 400.00 for everything.
Guy with some experience but not really good 800.00 for prints or evertything.
Some good guy 1200-1300.00
Top notch 2500.00 to 3500.00

So my question is are the true pros raising their prices because they are not getting the lower price weddings anymore ?? Are things actually changing into the I want a pro and will pay the high dollars vs getting a so/so or bad job ??

12 years ago when i got married I did not notice as many folks claiming to be wedding photographers. It seems most of the guys knew each other and refered each when one guy was too busy.

Now it seems like the general public is either totally aware of what excellent photography is and what they are willing to pay or they are totally off base by hiring a 200-400 dollar wedding photographer.

So my question is are the people who really want good exprienced wedding photographers paying more since the market is saturated with wanna bee photographers ??? Thus leading to higher prices to difference themselfs from the true low ball photographers ??

I know this is counter intuitive but seems like the true pros are charging more than ever to make up for the so so prce they are giving up.
your thoughts ???

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