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Re: 5D MKII - Pros & Cons

Anastigmat wrote:

Charlie Bettell wrote:

I know all about the Black Dot issue - but what about the rest of the

Does it have any other bad issues? - like dust getting in - like it
does on the 5D.

I didn't know the 5D had a dust problem.

It certainly did/does. No worse for sensor dust in my experience, since the shutter keeps it off that for most of the time, but certainly in the viewfinder - both above the focus screen, where it can't be removed without partially dismantling the camera, and behind the eyepiece itself.

Now, you can moan that it doesn't bother you there because it doesn't affect the pictures, but it affects a lot of people, distracting them and thus preventing them from getting the pictures (dust free or otherwise) in the first place. It also acts as a nucleation centre for condensation and fungal growth in humid climates - even with regularly recharged silica gel being used.

I guess if enough people
kept saying the same thing over and over again, then it becomes fact.

I guess if enough people ...

... ignore an obvious design defect, or belittle those who complain about it, then Canon will be justified in making future cameras where this defect is replicated or even worse.

When Canon finally do deliver you a problem you can't tolerate, as they inevitably will, remember to keep your mouth firmly shut - you wouldn't want anyone else to discuss the same issue for fear it becomes known or, god forbid, considered a fact.

Excessive dust in the 5DI is a fact, get over it - the camera is unsealed for pity sake! Sensor dust hasn't been a problem for me, but I don't discount the possibility that it has for others - that is what happens when something is unsealed. However, viewfinder dust and its consequences certainly have been an issue for me and others, despite the reasurances of self styled wise men like yourself telling us that it wasn't a problem when we first reported it.

If it hasn't affected you thats great, count yourself lucky - but don't display your arrogance by claiming that anyone who has been affected by this defect is only propagating rumour. By trying to belittle them, you are only making a fool of yourself.

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