W A N T E D: Photos of Christmas tree

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Re: W A N T E D: Photos of Christmas tree

ho, nice one!!

Marfalkov wrote:
Hi Aaro!

I have only one for all SUG friends around the world.

Aaro wrote:

I received a request to provide photos to a book about Christmas
tree. Thinking over night it was obvious there is not time enough to
travel around the world and get the necessary photos. Book will be
out for november 2009.

So this is a call to all SUG friends around the world. The author of
the book needs photos of Christmas trees: All qualities, sizes,
shapes, indoor, outdoor etc. covered.

If the photos are used in book normal fees and conditions will be used.

I wish we could provide a comprehensive collection of Christmas tree

I will try to answer any questions and be the messenger between
author and forum.

!!! Sorry, I don't use blurr filter in my camera, film or digital.


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