Best small bag for d60 w/ batterry grip?

Started Jul 17, 2002 | Discussions thread
mark kay Veteran Member • Posts: 5,477
off trail 2

I use the off trail 2 as well. mark

Nill Toulme wrote:
Or Lowepro Off Trail 2 if you want a fanny pack style. It holds my
D60 with grip and 100-400 (hood reversed) or 28-135 (hood on
straight). The 420ex with Stofen diffuser onboard goes nicely in
one of the lens pouches. You can get different size lens pouches
to attach if and when you need something bigger. (The Lens Case 4
holds the 100-400 or 70-200, for example.)

It doesn't have the all-weather cover though. Wish it did.


Lee Rothman wrote:

The Lowepro Toploader Zoom Pro AW. Lot's of wonderful closed cell
foam to protect and a full weather cover for downpours and such.
Has a nice shoulder strap as well as a harness for hiking included.
Pouches for filters and such also. It is simply the most versatile
bag for what you describe you are carrying.. It's about $52, light,
comfortable and the best bag to work out of on the fly....

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