Photoshop CS4 upgrade Pricing Policy -UNFAIR

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Brian D. Schneider
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Re: It gets even better:

N Walker wrote:

glasswindow wrote:

Martin Datzinger wrote:

Photoshop CS4 USA: 700$ = 475€, EU (german version): 930€. Update
USA: 200$ = 135€, EU (german version): 300€

That's to make up for the fees they paid the translation consultants.

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Many people in the USA speak Spanish as their first language, and
American as their second - so how should we charge these individuals
for the translation costs?

The UK version is in US English as Adobe cannot spell colour, grey, etc.

Adobe could open up their 'US' servers for downloads to all citizens
of planet earth - other multi national companies operate this way.
There are no taxes on software downloads as they are treated as
services and not goods.

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Brian Schneider

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