Blurry incandescent evening shots with Canon 450D plus Canon 50mm 1.8 lens

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You shoot and experiment until you get a feel

The link below is to a picture I took with my old 300D and the Canon f1.8; the light you see is the only light used.

Note: all links here are taken with my Canon 50mm f1.8 with my 300D or 450D, no flash used and at ISO's around 800 but my memory is weak here.

With indoor shots try to get your subjects close to a lighting source to help out, here's my brother in law mooching a dinner off of us:

I didn't in this shot, I forgot to set the WB to tungsten but the effect isn't too bad; you are better off to set the camera for tungsten lighting. My wife cooking:

What happens if you don't reset WB to tungsten, this one taken of my niece in a restaurant at night; WB set to auto - its too yellow. Fortunately I took this photo in raw so I can save this:

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