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Tissue/napkin = Wood Fiber! Don't do it (n.t.)

Lei Xu wrote:
Don't use tissue/napkin since it will leave lint behind. Don't use
t-shirts since it's a bit too hard on the glass and might damage
your lens coating. Just wait till tomorrow and get some normal
lense swabs or lens cleaning cloth.

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rquigley wrote:

Just got a used lens in the mail and I noticed its got a nice
smudge on it. I don't have any normal lens swabs or anything that
was purchased from a camera store where I am. Is there any safe way
to clean it without going out to buy something at this hour (I'll
do that tomorrow).

Tissue and water / napkin and water / something soft or unabrasive
and water? / T shirt and water? something and someting?

Are there any safe substitutes for something you would buy in a
store. (which I'll do tomorrow and will wait if someone says its
unsafe otherwise).

Any replies are appreciated.


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Walter K

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