S100fs Rebate Offer Extended

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Re: S100fs Rebate Offer Extended

Pixelizer wrote:

I think
we have to accept that the S100fs has been around awhile and may be
near the end of its life cycle.

When I bought my S100FS I was still using my old Olympus C2100-UZ but it stopped to work.

I cannot say "I chose an S100FS".
I had nothing else to choose from.
I intend, no alternative for my needs and my taste.
I absolutely didn't want a dusty DSRL and didn't need or like a Point&shoot.
I was waiting for an FZ60 with 28, much better picture quality and all its

good points, (Olympus colors are, in my opinion, much better than Panasonic) but nothing arrived from there.

I liked some FUJI cameras but absolutely not their Electronic stabilization.

I am satisfied of my S100FS; but an S200FS could be, at last, an alternative.

Some things can be improved or corrected in S100FS, switches and wheels more than lens.

If your needs are similar to mine, if you think that there is a good chance for a new model and you can wait, I suggest you to wait for a while with the FZ50 in your hand.

But if you hear that the new camera will have the same sensor and more megapixels, buy an S100FS! It is, all things considered, a good camera and, in my opinion, the best non dsrl.

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