S100fs Rebate Offer Extended

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Re: S100fs Rebate Offer Extended

Thanks, Arturo - I think you understand what Ted doesn't (or won't admit to) understand.

Unfortunately, a simple commentary on buying or not buying a camera has taken on a life of its own, and become a silly circular argument. I don't begrudge Ted his buying practices, but he seems to find mine worthy of contempt for some reason.

Yes, I went ahead and bought the camera, something I was on the fence about doing. That was the whole point of my original comment, wasn't it.

Now we'll see if I liek it or not.


Arturo148 wrote:

tdkd13 wrote:

If you are unwilling to buy a camera for fear that a new model may
soon replace it, you will NEVER buy a camera. Fact is there are
always new models waiting in the wings to replace the current models,
simple as that.

I think you misunderstand. A lot of US understand the deficiencies
with the cameras in the market place, so......a new model around the
corner will be the best buy, but......if the current model is like
heavily discounted then just maybe........ So now you can see the


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