I have a lot of 35mm color negatives

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Re: *snort*

graham the red wrote:

Before the forum gets choked with toys thrown from the pram ,I have
loads of negs and want to get them into the PC . None of them are
going to win awards so i need something that is reasonably quick.
Which machine will do the job fastest please ?
Help on this much appreciated. Thanks

For something that gives a good balance between quality & speed & is easy to use, look for a used Nikon Coolscan 4 or 5 filmscanner . They are usually reliable and long lasting, give consistent results and have a good software package. The only things I found hard to get right were Kodachromes.

Try the usual UK used dealers: Ffordes, Mifsuds, MXV, Mr Cad and London Camera Exchange are all OK in my experience and there are other places as well. Avoid anyone who wont give you a minimum 6 month guarantee (some will do a year).
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