Lx3 & Lowe Pro Apex 30 Question

Started Dec 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Brian Salyer Senior Member • Posts: 1,096
Lx3 & Lowe Pro Apex 30 Question


Have been reading the posts on the Lowe Pro cases for the LX3.
I am ready to order one. J
ust got my LX3 :)))))))))

From what I have read it appears as if the Apex 30 is a bit too tight.

I want a case that I can easily slip the LX3 in and out of without worrying about the zipper hitting the camera, etc.

I have a Apex 60 that I keep my TZ5 in and it is nice but a bit too wide. The camera fits good but can slide back and forth in it.

Thus. Apex 30 too tight ???
If so I will stay with the Apex 60.

Thank You in advance.

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