Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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No surprises - but not what I wanted to see!

Jost von Allmen wrote:

Now here is a new comparison between the D3 at 200ISO, the D3x at
100ISO (both shot with the excellent Nikon 24-70mm AF-S on a tripod
with MLU) and the Phase One P45+ at 50ISO on an ALPA SWA with the
35mm (corresponding focal lenght) APO Rodenstock Digital HR.

Both the files from the D3 and the D3x have been upsized with bicubic
smoother to match the width of the P45+: 7216 pixels, quite a
challenge, especially for the D3!

What I would really like to know, is how the D3x fares against MF, given the same pixel pitch at the subject. No one will be surprised at these results, with 7200 pixels to the D3x's 6000, or the D3's 4256.

How well have Nikon implemented their new AA filter? This needs to be answered by examples where the D3x FOV is 5/6 as wide as the P45's. Additionally, one needs to take the comparison photos with optics on both cameras which are "in the same league."

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