Nikon D40 or Pentax K100D

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Re: Nikon D40 or Pentax K100D
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i don't know if u make a decision yet, but i think you should go with Pentax. If you go with Nikon get the D80 or D90 if you have money.
Reasons why "to me only"
IS, Feel
U can use alot of lenses on Pentax and most of them can go for really cheap.
D40 faster in Auto Focus? Who care...?

If you buy a DSLR and thinking about use the AF forever then it's just like you buy a porsche and drive 55mph on Highway.

Manual Focus work very good and it's super easy, fast, and it's can give you a very very sharp pics on the K100D with Kit Len.

I now hardly use AF on my K100D, since i think MF can be faster and give me better pics and more creative pics and it's easier for me.

D40 is a very fine camera, easy to use, excellent jpeg-the same for K100D. But the limited of lenses and their lense are really really expensive.

i pick k100d over nikon and canon two years ago because at that time the k100d is cheaper. It's just like you buy cheap camera with cheap lens and produce a sharp and excellent pics compare to canon and nikon.

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