Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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Re: Two questions...

I don't know... in the examples I've seen, noise doesn't just "disappear" if you downsize, sure it will seem less apparent, but it won't disappear or be less than in a 12 MP image. I've also seen claims that sRAW in effect will give better performance than downsizing...

A D3X would give you a 24X36 at 168 DPI vs 119 DPI from a D3.... you'd want to upsize still... so where is the dramatic difference even at that print size... Sure 119 DP by itself is really poor, 168 DPI would be better, but still nowhere near great. So to me when people saying it will kill D3 in detail... I don't know it... just sounds silly.

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