Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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Re: Two questions...

m_appeal wrote:

1) I've seen numerous claims to the effect that a D3X / 5dII will
give you the same noise at 12 MP as D700/D3... where is this coming

Part fact, part fiction, I'd say. It's not unreasonable to assume that technology has progressed in the time since the intro of the d3/d300, so it's quite likely that actual noise performance has improved. Print size also has a significant part in apparent noise. Greater pixel density can mask apparent noise in a print, to a certain degree. The other part is hype, AFAICT. The 5dII fanboys claim that downsizing to 12mp, gives identical or better noise performance, with better detail than the d3. When asked for proof, I've yet to get a response. It's not a secret that downsizing an image will give the appearance of better noise performance, which is true with any sensor. Downsizing throws away pixels. But, to downsize and claim to only throw away the noise pixels is a magic trick, not reality. How would any downsizing process know what is detail and what is noise?

2) How much of an advantage is the extra resolution of the D3X
really? I don't understand why people keep saying D3X will blow away
D3 in detail when the increase in resolution isn't that significant?

It's a 40% increase in resolution, which can certainly be seen. Whether or not that would be really significant, would depend greatly on user need, intended output, print/viewing size, and many other factors, I'd guess. Some people will likely derive benefit, perhaps a significant benefit from the additional resolution. Most average users probably would not. It seems likely to me that in order to derive significant benefit from the added resolution, the user would have to employ strict shooting discipline, the best glass and support systems, and strict post processing and printing disciplines and equipment.

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