Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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Re: Seems that way... why people think 24 MP is going to give them tons

m_appeal wrote:

more detail... I don't know. You'd need a lot more megapixels....

Not really. I sold my d200 when the s5 came out. Even though the D200 image resolved 4 more MP additional info. There is more to an image than mp's. The s5 is in a different league as far as DR and noise from the d200. The s5 images were far better in actual print than the d200 images were- even in larder sizes. The d700 is in still another league from the s5. The quality of the MP's plays a huge difference as does the processing pipeline. When then d3x image is reduced to the d3 size, it does indeed produce "cleaner" pixels than the D3 in the examples I have seen. Cleaner pixels, better DR, a better AA filter, and most importantly, a BETTER LENS, play a huge roll along with more mp's.

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