Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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Re: 20-24mp total waste of time

jackie spanner wrote:

depicts very well my contention that 35mm DSLR hit a sweet spot
somewhere below 20mp and if you have a decent 12 or 16mp DSLR and
want some sort of significant improvement that will properly affect
your images, your work and your clients satisfaction... then do
yourself a favour and upgrade to MF or Leica S2

20-24mp etc.. is a bit of a waste of time

That is assuming that no better lenses exist for the F mount than the 24-70. People need to realize that the 24-70 is not the proper lens for the d3x. Keep it on your D3 and D700 for stunning 8x10's and smaller. Fortunately, there are better lenses and these stopped down a bit should outresolve the 24mb sensor according to the available mtf and other relevant lens testing data.

24mm PCE
45mm PCE
85mm PCE
14-24 2.8 (barely)
50mm 1.4 afs
50mm 1.8 afd
60mm micro afs
85mm 1.4
105mm micro vr afs
zeiss 21mm and 25mm perhaps others
Sigma 70mm macro
sigma 150mm macro
200mm 2.0 (easily)
the recent afs tele's

I'm still waiting for someone to load up a D3x with the 200 f2 prime and show what can be really be done!

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