Please help in my first DSLR buy..

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whilst sure, in a "digital world" electronics are not made to last forever... however
I've had my D70s since 2005, when it came out...
it took a good number of photos... has travelled with me on long trips.
it still looks almost unused, it certainly behaves like new.

I'm not going to say that this camera will be working in 20 years from now on - but if someone is not dependant on the latest bells & whistles I guess 10 years the camera should deliver easily... maybe you'll chew through a few batteries.

but even a nikon F5 or F100 (I had one) has "age limitations"... the shutter was rated to a certain number of shots... the drive system had some limitations too (albeit the number was very high)...

before this I used a Nikon F3 for a pretty long time, but you know what? I managed to break this thing. Loved this camera... but still it was not made for eternity and all sorts of abuse.

To the OP:

I wouldn't buy the cheapest "el-cheapo" DSLR if you plan on keeping it for a long time (10 years? +) ... as the el-cheapo models have lower quality mechanics and things like this.... but anything "mid-range" should do you a good service.

don't fret to much over "Nikon vs. Canon vs. Pentax vs. Sony"...

pick them all up, see which cameras ergonomics fit you better and which feels better in your hands... after all ergonomics and sense of quality are individual parameters for all of us.

When it comes to lenses and planing on long use - buy those who have metal bayonets instead of some flimsy plastic...

if you're not in a hurry - put a few more $$$ aside and buy something that will last.

jrkliny wrote:

"3. This camera is going to be kept for a long time to come. Not
considering a replacement any time soon."

Then don't spend your entire budget on a DSLR. Camera technology is
improving rapidly. Buy a modestly priced point and shoot camera and
upgrade every few years.

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