Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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Re: Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

Dan Wells wrote:

Looking at Imaging Resource's initial resolution test chart (my
reading - IR hasn't yet posted numbers), the D3x reads well over 3200
lph in both directions (MAYBE 3400, but that's pushing it) in
absolute resolution - extinction is significantly farther out. That's
not quite P45 territory, but it IS the sharpest small-format DSLR
ever (the Alpha 900 is around 2800-2900).

I think that 3200lph for the d3x is a bit of a dream, unless the shots are made with lenses that does not exist or you refer to "extinction resolution".

the alpha got 2700lph in absolute resolution and 3700lph on extintion resolution. And that was without using Alpha best lenses.

nikon hardly have any lens with better acuity of the Sony Zeiss or some of the Sony primes. best case scenario D3x will be equal.

Imaging Resource a900 samples were done using jpegs or earlier version of software for processing raw that could not extract full detail and was actually smearing and generating moiree that I cannot see when I process a900 files with c1, Raw developer or LR.
IR samples do not show the full resolution capabilities of the camera.

IR is a web site that have posted d3 samples that were sharpened, to be compared with other unsharpened samples from other manufacturers.

So far, all the samples for both d3x and a900, that were properly taken are showing identical detail.

Again as for hoping that he d3x or the a900, will be close in detail to a 31mp digital back that is also another dream. Just begin discarding 25% of the megapixel from the DSLR bodies that will not find room on commercial printing and on most of the paper sizes.

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