All Design Roads Lead to the FZ50

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John Miles
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All Design Roads Lead to the FZ50

Whilst Panasonic are making no announcements for a replacement for the FZ50, camera design is busy converging on its design.

The FZ28 will come out with a hot shoe next time around (how can it afford not to). Maybe the flip out screen and control wheels as well.

Smaller sensor DSLR's are becoming more successful also. Soon an SLR based on something smaller the 4/3's will come out. Won't be long before lens changes won't be necessary again.

It's all just a matter of time.

The bigs DLSR's will be on their own again; 100MB sensors and images you can print on the side of a barn. But most people will be buying a fixed lens camera of one form or another. The current DSLR boom is the same as the DVD recorder one a while back. The industry knew hard drive recorders were around the corner, but continued to convince everyone they needed a DVD recorde. The market swamped until you could buy DVD players for £30.

Most SLR buyers wonder why they bought them, or only use a fraction of their capability. They also shortly realise they don't have enough DSLR to do what they thought they should have been able to do. To the manufacturers delight they have to go buy some more. The magazines love this because the punters want to read up so they don't make the same mistake again.

One day very soon an FZ50 replacement will come out with enough of a senosr to kick the DSLR market to the Moon. The enthusiasts and pro's will still have the high end DSLR's, but the budget crowd will be history.

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