Shift in focus due to different light sources??

Started Dec 20, 2008 | Discussions thread
RedFox88 Forum Pro • Posts: 27,025
Digic4 just just a name of their CPU

Blake Cook wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Canon COULD give that update to 5D owners too, but they won't.

Not correct. If I read the white paper correctly, it is DigicIV that
assists interpretation of contrasts in different light which aids AF
on the 5D2.

A firmware update will not install a DigicIV processor chip in a 5D
no matter how big a hammer you use.

Digic4 is just the name of their processing CPU - a marking gimmick to name it. Just like nikon now has "exeed" and sony has "bionz". Digic4 is just a faster CPU than Digic2 that the 5D has so I guess that 5D's cpu is too slow to do the calculation for this then.

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