Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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Re: Thank You Jost!

Jeff Morris wrote:

I expected results shown between the D3x and the D3. It's like
shooting with a D30 Canon at 3mp and a D60 Canon at 6mp. For what I
produce, the D700 will suffice for now.

I don't know why but I was expecting to see a much bigger difference between D3 and D3x - my PP skills are not as advanced as many on this forum so I think the D3 will remain as my first choice and put the huge financial saving towards more and better glass.

Now the P45 caused my jaw to drop.

Simply superb detail on such a pronounced crop!

My thoughts exactly - I wouldn't have believed this to be a crop if Josh hadn't said - amazing detail!

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