S100fs Rebate Offer Extended

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Re: No, that's not really it ...

My point is you buy what suits your needs within your budget at the time you are looking, attempting to guess at what the market/manufacturers will do is a waste of time. How does a newer version coming out within six months of buying a camera affect the camera you have? It doesnt, or shouldn't, have any real bearing on the situation, although I realize that psychologically it might. If the shortcomings of the S100fs are keeping you from buying it that is perfectly fine, there are options yet you have stated you dont like any of the options either. So basically it seems you are destined to use your current FZ50 until you either can't stand its shortcomings or someone makes something better. In my mind this Fuji is an improvement over the FZ50, whether or not its a big enough improvement to warrant the rather steep price tag is a question only yuou can answer.
Good luck, Ted

Pixelizer wrote:
I know as well as anyone electronics are almost obsolete as soon as
they hit the market. I've just been hoping Fuji would address some of
the issues with the current camera - or add something new - and it
WOULD hurt my feelings if a better one came out just weeks after I
pulled the trigger. I like to hope I can go at least 6 months before
my camera is obsolete! LOL.

But I'm increasingly thinking the S100fs is the end of the line, just
as my FZ50 appears to be the end of the Panasonic ultrazoom line.
Heck, everyone seems to be going to either pocket cameras or DSLR's
and I dislike both. But that being the case, I doubt there really ARE
new models like I like waiting in the wings!

tdkd13 wrote:
If you are unwilling to buy a camera for fear that a new model may
soon replace it, you will NEVER buy a camera. Fact is there are
always new models waiting in the wings to replace the current models,
simple as that.

Pixelizer wrote:

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else - I didn't see it if it is.

There has been a $50 mail-in rebate available from Fuji on the S100fs
since 11/13/08, but it was scheduled to end on 1/31/09.

I now see the rebate offer has been extended to 2/28/08.

I'm the suspicious type, and as I've posted in another thread, I have
to wonder if this doesn't mean the camera is being closed out. This
is a common strategy mfr's take toward the end of a product's life to
liquidate inventory and stimulate sales of a product whose days are

Of course, rebates are also used sometimes to increase sales during
slow sales times, but this is the Christmas sales season! And I think
we have to accept that the S100fs has been around awhile and may be
near the end of its life cycle.

I'm still tempted to buy one and use the rebate, but if there is an
improved model in the wings, I would kick myself. Given the way
ultrazoom bridge cameras are going, though, I tend to doubt there
will be a replacement.

This is one of those times when a crystal ball would come in handy.

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