How much does the speed of a UDMA card matter?

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David Burren Regular Member • Posts: 391
Re: How much does the speed of a UDMA card matter?

The speed of the card will be different depending on the combination of card and camera models, and of card and card-reader models. Rob Galbraith's site maintains a database where many cards are tested against each camera (and some card readers):

To know how fast a given card will be, you need to know the camera model, and the specific card model is important too (not just "a 133x card" for example). Some cards are speed demons in one camera, but slow-pokes in another (even if they have "UDMA" in their name).

Having a fast card for reading is important when you have many gigabytes of data to download. Having a fast card for the camera to write to is important when you're photographing action. Landscape photographers don't care about the camera speed quite so much.

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