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Re: To be more specific...

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

John, have you even read his posts?...He has reached his opinion by
comparing two different pics that he downloaded from some website
that were'nt even exposed the same.
He then downsized the higher res 50D image to match the size of the
lower res 40D image...That hides noise/reduces noise/gets rid of
noise, whatever you want to call it, but the end result is totally
irrelevant due to the flawed methodology used.
He then slags Phils 50D and 40D reviews off when they just happen to
show his opinion to be incorrect.

The general principles are already known without his particular example. Had his posts never existed, the issues would still be the same.

My 30D, taking the same shot with the same shutter speed, same f-stop, same tripod-mounted lens, gives the same noise at the same image size as my 50D, whether I upsample both downsample both, etc. The only difference is resolution, when it isn't downsampled away in the 50D.

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