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Re: Perhaps you can explain...

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

"Switching to our benchmark RAW converter, Adobe Camera RAW equalizes
image processing between the two cameras and allows us to get a much
better idea of the level of detail actually captured. As you can see
both cameras images look crisper and exhibit better detail but the
40D stills beats the newer model in terms of per pixel detail."

Bob does'nt think there is such a thing as "per pixel detail"...Are
you still prepared to go along with him now?

Well, in this thread I was disputing your use of the term 'pixel level image quality'. 'Pixel level detail' would be as clueless. 'Per-pixel x', as I said in my last post, makes a bit more sense, in that you can reference the quantity 'x' to pixel count, in the same way that the phrase '40 kilometres per hour' isn't necessaruly talking about any particular hour.

The quote continues:

[all this deleted, since EM, JPS and IB have covered it much better than I would have]

Having come back to this thread after being away to take some photographs (remember those) it's good to see you still in the fray, in addition to me, now blithely taking on the above, three of the most informed, expert and argumentative people on these forums, and still the quality of your arguments hasn't got any better. Brings in mind a story I heard...

A man takes his gun into the forest bear hunting. He sees a big grizzly, aims the gun and fires. When the smoke clears, he can't see the bear anymore, so he walks over to where it was to see if he's downed it - nothing.
Then he fells a tap on the shoulder, turns round, it's the bear!

The bear says: "Excuse me, my good man, I take a very dim view of being shot at, so now I'm going to tear off your limbs and eat you".
The hunter says: "Please, no. I've got a family to support, don't kill me".

The bear says: "Well, theres a bear's honour to think of. You tried to kill me and I've got to have retribution - it's the code. Tell you what though, if I can use your body to sate my depraved lusts, we'll call it quits."

So the man crawls home the next morning after a night of inconceivable depravity, with every part of his body aching. He's determined to get his own back, so he returns to the forest with an elephant gun. After a while, he spots the bear, aims and fires. There's a huge bang, and a recoil that nearly tears his arm off. When the smoke clears, no bear. Again he goes to see if he's got it. As he looks around he feels another tap on his shoulder.

"You again," says the bear, "this time, no choice, I'm going to rip your limbs off and eat you."
"No, think of my poor wife and children"

"Well...I had a pretty good time last night, so maybe I'll let you off again, just this once"

So the hunter staggers home the next morning. The bear's thought up all sorts of more extreme perversions and the hunter's ten times worse than the last night. Set on revenge, he returns to the forest with a bazooka.

Finds the bear, fires the bazooka. When the smoke clears, no bear. Goes to look for it, once again feels a tap on the shoulder.
"You're not really here for the hunting, are you?" says the bear.

Given that you seem to want to return to the forest time after time with only your first, and grossly inadequate firepower, I would have to conclude that you're not really here for the technical discussion.

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