Just bought 85 1.2L MII - is thi s amount of color fringing normal?

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I have never seen so much CA with my 85mm II. I mean the right half of the head has severe chromatic aberrations, with a significant blue tint!

Br, Kim

AndreInLA wrote:

Hi, everyone.

I spent a significant part of my bonus on this lens and am wondering
whether the amount of color fringing I am seeing is within the norm,
or whether I should return it for another copy.

Here are a few samples:

Look at the ring on the model's left hand. It is slightly out of
focus, and I am wondering if this is a normal oof fall off.

The jaw line as well as the car bumper - very prominent. Again, high
contrast and slightly OOF, but this is more noticeable than any other
L lens I own.

And here, on the frame of the sunglasses, which is in focus.

All shots were taken wide open at 1.2L.

This is the first time I use this lens, haven't even rented it
before. Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you!

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