more pixels are better!

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Re: More pixels are not necessarily better...

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

Of course you can upsize or downsize from the native image size but
the fact remains that a 10mp sensor will produce a 10mp sized image
and a 12mp sensor will produce a 12mp sized image etc.

While some people use the word "size" to refer to pixel counts, the usage is less than ideal. The number of pixels is the number of sampling points, not area dimensions. An image has no size, except whatever size you decide to display it at (and how close the viewer is to it).

The only reasonable way to address "image noise" and "image" resolution is to compare at the same size and distance, but that is almost impossible with our coarse monitor technology, without losing more potential resolution in the higher-MP images. So, people with your mindset engage in circular reasoning, and decide that the most that you should magnify a pixel is 100% pixel view, as if anything larger than that is somehow "forcing the image to a size it was never meant to be". That apparent limit, however, is self-serving, and protects the low-MP image from exposing how little resolution it has, and possibly how artificial its resolution is, as well as how much noise the image has, by forcing it to be smaller in comparisons.

We can't see our full resolution on monitors that I would allow in my budget (if any exist at all for 15 or 21 MP). So, in the meantime, the only fair way to compare image quality is to upsample the lower-MP image, preferably both, to the same image size, so that you are viewing the same percentage of the total image in two equal monitors or two windows on one monitor. You can step back and see how they look with less magnification.

Print count is irrelevent when printing. I can print a 4.6mp sized
digital image at 2A0, without upsizing it first, and it will still
look great...

Looks great to a Sigma Fan.

Showing pixel quality is far more important than pixel

Nonsense, because that leaves you with an open equation. You need both, or you have absolutely ZERO information about image quality.

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